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Is your wireless network secure?

In today’s world there are many devices that have wireless (or Wi-Fi) built in to them, such as laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s and some iPods. This makes it vital that you have your home wireless network secured. . I commonly get asked “Is wireless secure? Will somebody be able to pull up outside my house and connect to be internet?” The answer to these …Read More

Give your computer that bit extra boost

I get many clients ask me how can I boost the speed of my computer? Computers can run slow for a number of different reasons some times it can be lots of software running in the background on the pc or quite often it can be malicious software running in the background particularly if you are experiencing lots of pop-ups or unusual things happening …Read More

Welcome to Our PC Advice Blog

This blog was created with the intention of educating novice users of computers of any PC frustrations and technology they may encounter. We intend to do this by periodically releasing informative articles consisting of anything from PC maintenance, how to’s and general pc advice. We will use a language that any one will understand and will cut out any technical jargon that some one …Read More