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Is your email server blacklisted?


Its not until you get a number of bounce back messages mentioning spam lists that you realise that your mail server had been blacklisted . It’s a nightmare because it prevents emails from reaching the intended recipient. As a result, your business could lose income and valuable time while your emails are offline. In 2013, 69.6% of all emails transmitted were spam. This is …Read More

Is your public Wi-Fi Legal?


Did you know that there are several laws surrounding Public WiFi access? It is a legal requirement for businesses that provide a guest or public Wi-Fi service to keep records of all users and the sites they’ve accessed. This information must be kept for 12 months and made available to the police or security agencies when required. The storage of the information is subject to UK …Read More

5 Ways you Can Prevent Data Loss for your Business


60% of companies that lose their data shut down within 6 months and 80% are out of business after 18 months. That’s a scary statistic. Here are 5 tips to prevent this from happening to your business! Back up your data regularly The importance of backing up information has always been underestimated. Your data – the culmination of all your work and the details …Read More