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Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life Support


As of July 15th 2015 support for Windows Server 2003 will cease to exist. Although many administrators are aware of this there is a worryingly large amount of users still relying on their servers around the globe which can result in a last minute migration and ultimately, many complications.  If you are currently using a Windows 2003 Server and are reluctant to upgrade or migrate, …Read More

The Importance of E-mail Archiving and Retention


Email plays a vital role in most businesses. It’s used to share ideas, discuss decisions and communicate changes. Without it most businesses couldn’t function. All that means is that email retention is another vital business function. Because emails are vital documents, they need to be retained just like every other important document. Email archive solutions can help you free up space of emails that …Read More

Software Subscription vs Outright Purchase


Once upon a time, you just purchased your software outright and it was yours to keep forever. Now many software vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe are offering you the opportunity to rent your software on a monthly subscription. Some software such has the latest version of Adobe Photoshop has now become subscription only. While this new way of purchasing software can work well …Read More

Should you replace your server or move to the cloud?


Cloud can be cheaper and more efficient than replacing your server, but it doesn’t suit every type of company. Your server is getting old. You’ve noticed your current system is running slow which could be affecting efficiency in your business. Your staff have been complaining about the system and perhaps its reliability too. Your IT support company has patched up the system several times …Read More