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Are Apple Macs Ideal for Your Business?


They may look sleek and stylish in your office, but can Apple Mac computers become an alternative to the traditional PC in your office? With the success of iPads, and iPhones it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing Apple hardware for their business. Whether you need a powerful desktop, laptop or a mobile device to help you work on the go, Apple …Read More

8 Tips to Secure Your Network


Most businesses rely upon their IT systems and it’s critical that your network is kept secure – both from hacking, data theft and malicious software. Security isn’t limited to a single task, but instead requires a layered strategy with on-going maintenance. So how should your business go about securing it’s networks from outside attack? Virus Management – Make sure you have antivirus software installed …Read More

Should you insure your data?


Unfortunately computer crime exists and it can cause major damage to some organisations. Cyber crime costs UK organisations around £3m a year on average, this is an increase of 42% since the 2012 study sponsored by HP Enterprise Security. Perhaps it may be time that organisations start to think about insuring their data in order to cover themselves from a potential disaster. Especially organisations that …Read More

Implementing a BYOD policy on your network


With cloud technology becoming so popular many small businesses are utilising a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy; which is a concept that involves staff bringing personal devices to work, such as smartphones and tablet devices and using those devices to access company resources such as email, file servers, and databases. Many businesses are adopting BYOD with out thinking about the risks to their data. …Read More