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Mobile Device Setup

With today’s reliance upon email having the ability to send and receive emails while on the move has become a major benefit in the business world.

We specialise in the configuration of iPhone and iPad for business and can select the right apps to enable you to get the most from your mobile device; while integrating encryption and remote wipe facilities to protect your data in the event of your device getting lost or stolen.

Here are some of the benefits of mobile email for business

  • Enables you to develop a competitive advantage.
  • Employees are more productive whilst out of the office.
  • Mobile email reduces backlogs from time out of the office.
  • Customer satisfaction improves, as employee responsiveness improves.
  • Enables you to close deals sooner – questions can be answered on the move.
  • Tablet devices such as iPad’s enable you to view and work on attachments without having to carry around a laptop.

Mobile email most commonly works on a “push” technology meaning emails are pushed to the handset in real time as they are received, this avoids repeated checking and downloading of emails. That’s much more convenient.

As well as having email on the move if you have an exchange server you are able to take advantage of having your calendar, tasks and contact synchronisation on the move; this means that if a colleague books you in an appointment on your calendar in the office it is automatically pushed out to your mobile device.

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