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Sonos is a revolutionary music system that allows you to play any music in any room of your house. The Sonos system works by creating separate Zones within your property; each room can be setup as a different zone meaning that you can play different music in different rooms at the same time or the same music in all rooms in perfect sync, which can be great if you are entertaining.

Sonos can be controlled via an app on your Smart phone, iPod, iPad or computer.

Our onsite consultancy service will help you to select the appropriate Sonos products to complement your existing HiFi systems, to bring distributed audio to your home or business. A key part of our service is testing WiFi suitability. Many homes have WiFi dead zones and identifying these early can save a lot of time and aggravation. Once the dead zones have been identified we can find workaround solutions to bring audio to rooms which would otherwise be silent. Some new homes provide Cat5 cabling which is a great alternative to WiFi based Sonos solutions. If you’re in the build phase of your new home, we can help specify the correct cabling requirements for Sonos.