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The Security Risk of Attachments


We are regularly contacted by clients who are worried about potentially suspicious looking emails and attachments. Any attachments that are .zip and .exe files are potentially very dangerous and viruses are often spread this way. Viruses are effectively small software programs which are typically buried within a file and downloaded without you being aware. Once the attachment is opened, the virus is activated and …Read More

Protecting Your Business from Broadband Outages


Most businesses are now heavily reliant on an internet connection, so as connectivity becomes more essential, downtime even for a short time can be a big problem. If the internet goes down your company is left with no email, no incoming orders, no web browsing, no news or market feeds. Every business relies on the internet in different ways, but if your business can’t …Read More

Is your email server blacklisted?


Its not until you get a number of bounce back messages mentioning spam lists that you realise that your mail server had been blacklisted . It’s a nightmare because it prevents emails from reaching the intended recipient. As a result, your business could lose income and valuable time while your emails are offline. In 2013, 69.6% of all emails transmitted were spam. This is …Read More