Secure WiFi Coverage throughout your property
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We can supply and install wireless equipment into homes, offices and hotels / guest houses that are not visually intrusive but enable you to access the internet throughout the property without disruption.

The key benefits to a wireless network include

Workplace Mobility
Users can move around freely within the range of the network with their laptops and handheld devices and still maintain a connection with the Internet.
Costs and Scalability
Eliminating Ethernet cabling can be a considerable advantage in terms of time and expense when adding new devices to your local network.
Guest Access
Wireless networks allow your business to provide WiFi to guest users without giving them access to the rest of your network.

Wireless Bridge - Do you need two buildings linked together?

In Wi-Fi networking, a point-to-point wireless bridge lets users wirelessly connect two or more locations together. This bridge enables users to share an Internet connection between two or more locations and to share files and other types of data across the network.