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Wireless Networks

We can supply and install wireless equipment into homes, offices and hotels / guest houses that are not visually intrusive but enable you to access the internet throughout the property without disruption.

The key benefits to a wireless network include:

Reduced Cabling Costs

Wireless networks don’t require the same cabling infrastructure as a fixed cable network and are therefore cheaper to deploy and manage. Additional devices can be easily connected to the wireless network without the need to install new network points.

Flexibility and Mobility

Computers, laptops, phones and other network devices can easily be connected to the wireless as long as they are in range of an access point. This allows greater flexibility for staff to move around the office and use other wireless enabled devices.

Easy to connect

Additional devices and computers can easily be connected to the wireless network without the need for an engineer to install another network point.

To ensure a robust and secure setup it is important to have a wireless site survey carried out at the premises to determine the best equipment and setup. Although wireless networks have become common in the home, a business wireless network will typically need to be more reliable and secure, and at the same time accommodate more devices and more data flow. An incorrectly installed wireless network will frustrate users and open your network to abuse.