Ensure that your critical business data is automatically backed up successfully
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Would your business function if your office was destroyed?

The risk of fire, flood, theft and system failures make disaster recovery a critical part of business planning. Downtime costs money, and most of us would cease to function without our IT systems and data.

Innovation IT Support can guide you with your contingency planning, providing a business disaster recovery programme designed to get you back up and running in hours, not days.

Working with you to ensure all your business needs are met, we will:

Carry out a full risk assessment to identify threats
Ensure appropriate security measures are taken to protect your data and your business from theft
Design a fully tested and regularly updated disaster recovery programme to ensure your business quickly recovers from disaster and emergency
Categorise critical assets, assessing their vulnerability and prioritising their protection
Help you to maintain system integrity and security to ensure no risk is presented through viruses, spyware, hacking or incorrect access to data