Ensure that your critical business data is automatically backed up successfully
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Data backup is one of the most important components of any business network and ensuring your critical business data is recoverable when you need it most is essential. Our Cloud Online Backup service takes the worry out of ensuring your data is regularly backed and stored securely off-site.

This fully automated, highly secure and reliable Cloud Online Backup solution can be used for simple file backups or be adapted to cater for larger scale database backups including SQL and Microsoft Exchange.

Backup Performance

Automatic or scheduled backup

We can set you backup to be scheduled or automatic. Automatic is the simplest method in which backups are performed while your computer is not in use. Scheduled backups can be performed daily or weekly at a specified time of day.

Open/locked file support

No need to close files in order to back them up, our software can backup open and locked files as your working.

Block level incremental backups

Saves bandwidth and ensures future backups are lightning fast.

Bandwidth throttling

We can set up your backups to use more or less of your upload bandwidth so other higher priority services can run unimpeded.

Backup Monitoring
Our technicians check that your backups have been completing successfully, if your computer has not been backing up we will call you and inform you in order to resolve the problem.
Should the worse happen
Should the worse happen at source, you can restore your data at the click of the button, and if you get any problems restoring your data just call us and we will be happy to help