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Want to explore the power of the cloud? We can provide a cost effective, secure and scalable business platform.

Cloud computing is the future of technology and will help your business to run more efficiently and effectively. Cloud solutions enable you to manage your IT requirements using resources via the Internet rather than through a local computer or server.

Cloud computing offers:

Greater accessibility

You can access your systems from anywhere with an internet connection using PC’s, laptops or mobile devices, useful if you have multiple sites

Reduced capital expenditure

There is no need to invest in server hardware and software.

Lower support costs

Cloud-based systems often require less support as the infrastructure provider often includes this as part of the service.

Increased flexibility

As your company grows, so can your Cloud Computing. Add and reduce resources as required and only pay for what you use.

Green computing

The difference in energy used from one server and one Cloud platform (both with 10 users) can save up to £500 per year in electricity.

“Innovation IT Support are committed to offering a range of Cloud solutions to suit every need. Whether your focus is cost, security, flexibility or functionality, we will provide you with the very best solution for your needs.”