Keep your network and data highly secure with multi-layered protection
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Innovation IT Support can perform checks on IT infrastructure including servers, PCs and networks

Our approach to reducing cyber security risks includes

Laptop Encryption

Are your computers and laptops encrypted to keep data secure? Laptops have an extra level of risk when it comes to keeping data safe because they are portable, often taken out of the office and easily stolen.

If a company laptop is lost or stolen, ensuring the hard drive is encrypted at least keeps the data secure and minimises the risk of a data leak. We will help guide you through the process to making your laptops safer by using encryption.

AntiVirus and Malware

Viruses and malware are common tools used by cyber criminals to breach your computer systems and gain access to data. Virus and malware threats are ever-present and constantly changing.

We can help you ensure your systems are secure with regular updates, the automatic deployment of patches and by putting the best antivirus and malware prevention and detection processes in place.

Network Security

Network security helps protect the integrity of your network, including servers, computers, mobile devices, and wireless systems such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Through our cyber security checks we will make your network and systems inherently more secure against the vulnerabilities of cyber crime.

Cloud Systems Security Check

Another often overlooked aspect of cyber security is cloud based systems. People assume that the cloud is safe and the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but often that is not the case.

Individual companies have responsibility to ensure the systems they are using are secure.