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Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 10 operating system will be available from 29 July 2015 on new laptops, desktop computers and tablets, plus it will be available as a free upgrade for a year for any devices currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. This will mean that after the release date you will have up to a year to download Windows 10 …Read More

Windows XP End of Life

When Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, no one could have predicted that it would still be in use in 2014. More amazing, it isn’t just still in use, it is still popular! How popular? Around 30% of the world’s estimated one billion computers run Windows XP. That’s a lot of computers running an operating system that’s over a decade old. Despite a number …Read More

Now Providing Exchange 2013

We are pleased to announce we now provide Microsoft Exchange 2013.  Where our service differs is that we tailor the requirements to your business needs so you don’t need to invest the thousands required in the server technology.  You simply tell us how many e-mail accounts you require and we take care of the rest.  This means you only pay for what you need …Read More

Cloud Computing Know how… Featured in Wiltshire Business Magazine

Confused about cloud computing? Wondering whether it would be a help or a hindrance in your business? James Matthews, of Innovation IT Support Ltd, tells all… Click Here to read our article as featured in Wiltshire Business Magazine.

Announcing Our New Website & Branding

Innovation IT Support are proud to announce our new website bringing with it a new logo and brand. We have undergone a complete re-branding exercise as part of our drive to continually move forward within the industry. Designed with a fresh, innovative appearance, the new website is easy to navigate, and brings smarter functionality. This will assist our users to navigate throughout the site …Read More