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5 Ways you Can Prevent Data Loss for your Business


60% of companies that lose their data shut down within 6 months and 80% are out of business after 18 months. That’s a scary statistic. Here are 5 tips to prevent this from happening to your business! Back up your data regularly The importance of backing up information has always been underestimated. Your data – the culmination of all your work and the details …Read More

The Importance of E-mail Archiving and Retention


Email plays a vital role in most businesses. It’s used to share ideas, discuss decisions and communicate changes. Without it most businesses couldn’t function. All that means is that email retention is another vital business function. Because emails are vital documents, they need to be retained just like every other important document. Email archive solutions can help you free up space of emails that …Read More

Should you insure your data?


Unfortunately computer crime exists and it can cause major damage to some organisations. Cyber crime costs UK organisations around £3m a year on average, this is an increase of 42% since the 2012 study sponsored by HP Enterprise Security. Perhaps it may be time that organisations start to think about insuring their data in order to cover themselves from a potential disaster. Especially organisations that …Read More

Did You Test Your Backup Last Month?

What process does your company go through to check that your backup system is actually working correctly? Would you be comfortable erasing everything on your hard drive right now, and restoring it from backups? No matter what type of backup solution you use in your company it was probably a somewhat significant investment. If your company is using a solution that requires manual intervention, …Read More