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Ransomware Attacks – How to keep your business secure

What are Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks are much like a virus that gets in to your system and encrypts your data, making all your files inaccessible and unusable then holding you to a ransom to get your files back. Backup your data One of the key things in protecting yourself against ransomware attacks is to make sure all of your data is backed up …Read More

How to protect your business from the increasing threat of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is fast growing criminal activity, and becoming an increasing threat for small businesses. Businesses are increasingly relying on technology to store and process their data and their customer’s data. With the use of technology comes the risk of security breaches and consequences such as:   Business interruption losses Loss or damage to data Breach of personal data Theft of funds through fraudulent entry …Read More

The Security Risk of Attachments


We are regularly contacted by clients who are worried about potentially suspicious looking emails and attachments. Any attachments that are .zip and .exe files are potentially very dangerous and viruses are often spread this way. Viruses are effectively small software programs which are typically buried within a file and downloaded without you being aware. Once the attachment is opened, the virus is activated and …Read More