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Prevent Data Being Stolen from Your Lost Devices

Do you have anyone working for you who would forget their head if it wasn’t screwed on? Even worse, does this person use a company laptop, or store data on a USB memory stick which they carry around with them? If the wrong person stumbles across a misplaced laptop, it won’t take them very long at all to extract sensitive business data from it. About 4 minutes, in …Read More

What Should You Consider when Choosing A Cloud Solution For Your Business?

Cloud services come with various features and support functions. While selecting a cloud-based service, businesses need to consider the following factors: • Delivery models Cloud comes in three forms – public, private and hybrid. Public models offer a collaborative environment which offers ease of data sharing. Private models, on the other hand, provide greater data and network security. Hybrid models offer options for privacy on …Read More

Ransomware Attacks – How to keep your business secure

What are Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks are much like a virus that gets in to your system and encrypts your data, making all your files inaccessible and unusable then holding you to a ransom to get your files back. Backup your data One of the key things in protecting yourself against ransomware attacks is to make sure all of your data is backed up …Read More

Outlook 2016 Tips

As more of our users are upgrading to Outlook 2016 we thought we would put together some quick tips to work more effectively, here are our top 3: Send a timed email in Microsoft Outlook Did you know that you can write an email in advance and send it automatically automatically hours, days, weeks, months or even years later? Create a new email by …Read More

Types of Email account

When you’re dealing with email for your business, you have one of the main 3 types of account. These are: •    POP •    IMAP •    Microsoft Exchange Here’s an overview of how they work… POP POP is the oldest type of email on this list. POP stands for “Post Office Protocol” and was built so that email clients like Outlook and Apple’s Mail app could …Read More