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Why SMEs should focus on Cyber Security & adopt a strategy for 2018

Cyber criminals have been attacking large corporate and government targets for many years but increasing numbers are now turning their attention to small and mid-sized enterprises. Unfortunately, many of them are vulnerable and unaware of the risks. Faced with having much smaller security budgets, many SMEs tend to put their trust in point products from one or two vendors and leave it at that. …Read More

5 Signs That Your Computer may be Infected with a Virus

Here are some of the most common signs to look for if you think you have been infected: Computer running slow – If your computer is running slower than usual then it is quite possible you are infected with a virus. Malware and viruses running in the background drain your computers resources making it run slower than usual. Antivirus disappeared or disabled – Many …Read More

Protect Yourself from Fake Anti-Virus Software

Malicious Anti-Virus scams also known as rogue AV involve users being tricked in to downloading or paying for antivirus software that is actually completely fake malicious software. This issue is growing; according to the latest research by GetSafeOnline.org (the UK’s national internet security initiative) a rising number of organised criminal gangs are tricking security-conscious internet-users into purchasing fake anti-virus software to access their bank …Read More

Security Essentials Screensaver – Scan for viruses While Your Screensaver Runs

What if your screens saver did something more practical than show pretty pictures? With Microsoft Security Essentials Screensaver you can. While your computer is not being used the screensaver kicks in like any other screen saver. The difference here is that the screen saver will scan your computer for viruses while it’s running. The screensaver is a small file that does not require an …Read More

Antivirus Top Tips

•Be very cautious about what you download from the Internet, it is best to only download from a trusted source. File sharing websites are one of the most common ways of catching viruses. Even if you don’t use them if you have children they might be with out you knowing. (Limewire and Torrents are an absolute No No!) •Don’t open any attachments in an …Read More