What if your screens saver did something more practical than show pretty pictures? With Microsoft Security Essentials Screensaver you can. While your computer is not being used the screensaver kicks in like any other screen saver. The difference here is that the screen saver will scan your computer for viruses while it’s running.

The screensaver is a small file that does not require an installation and is completely FREE.
Security Essentials Screensaver comes in two different versions: the original screensaver with a Security Essentials castle graphic and a cmd prompt that shows the progress of the update and scan and a no-graphics version that performs the update silently and does not show any graphic.
The computer does however have to have Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus software installed already to run the scan (Which is also FREE). You can benefit from the extra security of having frequent scans and it is good for old computers because the scans will happen when it is idle rather than using resources when you want to use it.

The screensaver will work in Windows XP and up.

Click Here to download Microsoft Security Essentials
Click Here to download the Screensaver

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