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Outlook 2016 Tips

As more of our users are upgrading to Outlook 2016 we thought we would put together some quick tips to work more effectively, here are our top 3: Send a timed email in Microsoft Outlook Did you know that you can write an email in advance and send it automatically automatically hours, days, weeks, months or even years later? Create a new email by …Read More

Types of Email account

When you’re dealing with email for your business, you have one of the main 3 types of account. These are: •    POP •    IMAP •    Microsoft Exchange Here’s an overview of how they work… POP POP is the oldest type of email on this list. POP stands for “Post Office Protocol” and was built so that email clients like Outlook and Apple’s Mail app could …Read More

Improve Email Delivery with an SPF Record

If you have found your emails going to recipients Junk Mail folders, then setting up something called an SPF record could help. What is an SPF-record? SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a system to help domain (web address) owners specify the servers which are permitted to send mail from their domain. The aim is that other mail systems can then check to make sure …Read More

Is your email server blacklisted?


Its not until you get a number of bounce back messages mentioning spam lists that you realise that your mail server had been blacklisted . It’s a nightmare because it prevents emails from reaching the intended recipient. As a result, your business could lose income and valuable time while your emails are offline. In 2013, 69.6% of all emails transmitted were spam. This is …Read More

The Importance of E-mail Archiving and Retention


Email plays a vital role in most businesses. It’s used to share ideas, discuss decisions and communicate changes. Without it most businesses couldn’t function. All that means is that email retention is another vital business function. Because emails are vital documents, they need to be retained just like every other important document. Email archive solutions can help you free up space of emails that …Read More