If you have found your emails going to recipients Junk Mail folders, then setting up something called an SPF record could help.

What is an SPF-record?

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a system to help domain (web address) owners specify the servers which are permitted to send mail from their domain. The aim is that other mail systems can then check to make sure the server sending email from that domain is authorised to do so – reducing the chance of email spoofing, phishing schemes and spam.

In other words, if you create and set up an SPF-record, it is less likely spammers and scammers send messages on your behalf. If they do, their messages will be caught by filters and protections the receivers of the messages have.

How do I set one up?

They will need to be setup with your domain / website hosting company, unless you are familiar with making changes to your domains DNS then we recommend speaking to your hosting company or IT Support company.

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