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Protecting Your Business from Broadband Outages


Most businesses are now heavily reliant on an internet connection, so as connectivity becomes more essential, downtime even for a short time can be a big problem. If the internet goes down your company is left with no email, no incoming orders, no web browsing, no news or market feeds. Every business relies on the internet in different ways, but if your business can’t …Read More

Business Continuity when Broadband Fails

Businesses today are very reliant upon having constant internet connectivity, particularly with many businesses starting to use cloud based services. Lack of a connection can have detrimental effects on a business resulting in missed enquiries, lost orders and lack of productivity. If your business relies on the internet it is a good idea to plan how your business would cope if your connection failed. …Read More

Top tips to consider when choosing a broadband provider

Choosing a good broadband provider is not always easy and there’s more to consider than the price and a free router. Here are our top things to consider: The Speed Be cautious of broadband providers that cheat on the way they advertise the speeds they are providing. Words like “up to” printed before the broadband speed should set alarm bells ringing, because this will …Read More

Is your broadband working as fast as it should be?

Most broadband suppliers advertise their connections as ‘up to a certain’ speed, but many people don’t get nowhere near the speed they should be. Distance from the local telephone exchange is one factor governing connection speed, and people living in the countryside may find their service is considerably slower than those in urban areas. If your broadband is consistently very slow it may be …Read More

Google Chrome

Recently we have had a number of users complaining about how slow Internet Explorer is running, or how they are finding that webpage’s seem to be taking ages to load – particularly since the release of IE8 (Internet Explorer 8). Although this could be a problem with the speed of your connection it is more likely that switching to an alternative internet browser will …Read More