Choosing a good broadband provider is not always easy and there’s more to consider than the price and a free router.

Here are our top things to consider:

The Speed

Be cautious of broadband providers that cheat on the way they advertise the speeds they are providing. Words like “up to” printed before the broadband speed should set alarm bells ringing, because this will be used as an excuse when you are not getting the speed that you should be. Broadband speed varies on the capability of your local telephone exchange and your distance away from it. If you’re concerned about speed it’s often worth while giving BT a ring to check what your line is capable of.

Usage Caps

Beware of any packages advertised as “unlimited”. There are often clauses in the small print known as “acceptable use policies” or “fair usage policies”. These caps put a limit on how much data you can download or upload each month. Check on these policies when considering packages particularly if you plan to stream video frequently (such as BBC iPlayer) or if you are going to be downloading.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key issue; particularly as you will be reliant upon it should you run in to any problems with your connection. I recommend going online and having a look at other customer’s reviews. Websites such as give reviews on customer service and what other customers think of particular providers.


Many providers are offering free routers with their packages. Consider your options as sometimes it works out cheaper to have a connection without a free router and buy a router separately.

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