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Outlook 2016 Tips

As more of our users are upgrading to Outlook 2016 we thought we would put together some quick tips to work more effectively, here are our top 3: Send a timed email in Microsoft Outlook Did you know that you can write an email in advance and send it automatically automatically hours, days, weeks, months or even years later? Create a new email by …Read More

The high cost of IT downtime


Let’s face it; most companies rely on their computer systems. They are vital to your daily business operations. A recent US study found that when IT systems fail, businesses ability to generate revenue is reduced by 29%, and is delayed further after systems are recovered while data is restored. For small businesses, the situation could be even more critical; as such an immense loss …Read More

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Hybrid Cloud Computing is a term used to describe a mixture of cloud computing and local based services. For instance your email system is hosted in the cloud via a hosted exchange platform while your documents and software such as accountancy system, CAD or line of business application is held on your own local server. Is Hybrid Cloud Computing a good way to start? …Read More

5 New Features of Office 2013

Office 2013 is now officially here, and many users are wondering about upgrading to the latest version and what new features it will bring. Branded as ‘The New Office’, 2013 is designed to work closely with Windows 8 becoming more touch friendly, as well as embrace cloud computing; integrating services such as Microsoft’s Sky Drive. Moving the Microsoft Office suite a step forward, Office …Read More