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How to protect your business from the increasing threat of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is fast growing criminal activity, and becoming an increasing threat for small businesses. Businesses are increasingly relying on technology to store and process their data and their customer’s data. With the use of technology comes the risk of security breaches and consequences such as:   Business interruption losses Loss or damage to data Breach of personal data Theft of funds through fraudulent entry …Read More

Tips to Shop Securely Online

Shopping online doesn’t have to be a scary. You can shop online safely and securely. There are many safe sites out there, and many places you can shop on the Internet with out feeling worried about fraud or identity theft. Unfortunately not all sites can be trusted, so how do you know if you are safe when you’re shopping online, or if you are …Read More

How to avoid phishing scams

Phishing emails attempt to gain personal information such as bank account details or personal login information to websites such as E-Bay or your email account.They are designed to look like a genuine email sent by your provider of these services and often look very convincing, replicating the design and logo from the genuine company website.

Protect Yourself from Fake Anti-Virus Software

Malicious Anti-Virus scams also known as rogue AV involve users being tricked in to downloading or paying for antivirus software that is actually completely fake malicious software. This issue is growing; according to the latest research by GetSafeOnline.org (the UK’s national internet security initiative) a rising number of organised criminal gangs are tricking security-conscious internet-users into purchasing fake anti-virus software to access their bank …Read More