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5 Tips for Moving Offices

At some point while running your business there will become a time when you have to relocate; be it expanding, downsizing  or your revenue has increased and a more attractive office becomes an option. Before moving it is worth while making a plan so your move goes without a hitch and often its the best time to implement changes which can make the running …Read More

Business Continuity when Broadband Fails

Businesses today are very reliant upon having constant internet connectivity, particularly with many businesses starting to use cloud based services. Lack of a connection can have detrimental effects on a business resulting in missed enquiries, lost orders and lack of productivity. If your business relies on the internet it is a good idea to plan how your business would cope if your connection failed. …Read More

Pros and Cons Of Cloud Computing

In the past few years there has been a big increase in businesses who have found ways to reduce their IT and operating costs through cloud computing. As a result, they’re moving business functions from on-site servers to the Web. Cloud computing is the use of internet-based services to support business processes (unsure of what cloud computing is? Click Here to find out). Before …Read More

Social Engineering: The Biggest IT Security Threat?

So you have everything in place when it comes to network firewalls, corporate antivirus and your building’s security. You’ve invested in the technology. But what about the staff? Social engineers, or criminals who take advantage of human behaviour to pull off a scam, aren’t worried about your networks security. They will just walk right in and confidently ask someone to help them get inside. …Read More