Microsoft extended support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014, but many businesses have yet to upgrade.

Microsoft has actually been pushing to kill the OS for years. It first ordered manufacturers to stop pre-installing XP on new computers back in October 2010. The company then launched another campaign in 2011 to encourage both enterprise businesses and home users to upgrade from XP.  Despite all that, Windows 7 didn’t overtake Windows XP in popularity until just a few months ago. With the highly mixed response Microsoft has had to Windows 8, it’s difficult to say how long-time users will respond to the approaching deadline.

What will it mean when we reach the deadline?

The main thing it that after April 2014 there will be no Microsoft support at all; meaning no more Windows Updates, and more crucially no more security patches.

While this might not make too much difference to domestic users it could potentially have legal implications for some businesses. The data protection act demands that data is stored securely; an un-supported, vulnerable operating system could breech the act.

Of course, it also means a massive boost to sales of Windows 7, and the recently released Windows 8. It is widely predicted than many enterprise Windows XP users will migrate to the tried and tested Windows 7.

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