With the up and coming release of Windows 8 in October, bringing the biggest change in Windows since Windows 95, we thought we would outline some of the top five features:

1. Faster Boot Times

According to Microsoft they have cut the boot time by 70% compared to Windows 7. This has been achieved by making subtle changes to the way the PC shuts-down and resumes taking advantage of all of the available processor cores to boost boot times.

2. Windows to Go

Windows to Go allows companies to make a bootable memory stick containing a working Windows environment. This means remote workers could be given a computer image with applications stored on a memory stick, this could then be used to boot from on their own hardware.  Using Microsoft’s encryption software this can be encrypted to protect companies if it’s lost or stolen.

3. Less Computer Restarts

Don’t you just hate when Windows decides it needs a restart after installing Windows updates and constantly prompts you or it will automatically restart? Well Microsoft promises the need to only restart once a month when critical updates are released and has changed the Windows update 20 minute notification for restarts to 3 days, computers will not restart if an application or unsaved work is open.

4. Interactive Tiles

This is Microsoft’s new interface which is replacing the Start Menu to access programs and features within Windows. Large tile icons make up the desktop; these turn the desktop into an interactive dashboard displaying live data.  The tile for the Mail application provides snippets of unread messages in your inbox, the Music tile shows which track is currently playing, and the calendar app displays forthcoming appointments in your diary.  It’s great for getting an overview of what’s going on when you fire up you PC first thing in the morning.

5. File Copying

One of the most annoying things about Windows is copying files. As soon as you start a dialog box pops up telling you that Windows is calculating how long it will take, rather than just getting on with it.

With Windows 8, it’s better. It’s a lot better, in fact. Files start copying immediately, plus you have a live update telling you the copy speed and you even pause a file transfer while you get on with something else. It may be a minor tweak, but it’s one that’s going to make a huge difference for day-to-day use.

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