I get many clients ask me how can I boost the speed of my computer? Computers can run slow for a number of different reasons some times it can be lots of software running in the background on the pc or quite often it can be malicious software running in the background particularly if you are experiencing lots of pop-ups or unusual things happening when surfing the internet. However setting all this aside a great way of speeding up your computer is to upgrade the memory, or RAM as it’s some times called. You can check how much memory you have by right-clicking on you My Computer icon and clicking on properties – this will bring up the system information which will tell you what processor you are running and how much memory you have installed. Normally on Windows XP these days I recommend a minimum of about 512 MB and on Windows Vista a Minimum of about 1 GB. Upgrading the memory is very easy to get done some people may find they will be able to do it themselves or if you are worried about doing it yourself it is a quick job for a technician to carry out for you. I often get people as me will it affect and of the information I have stored on my computer? This is a common misconception – it won’t affect any thing you have stored on your computer as things stored on your computer are stored on the hard drive and the memory is a different part of the computer, its used process information by windows and other software.

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