Email is one of the most critical communication methods in businesses today, because of this increased reliance on email the volume of messages sent and received has massively increased. The way companies work has also changed, employees are sending critical documents via email, using online calendars and managing business contacts on their computer. With the popularity of smart phones many people are now on the go with email and store their calendar on their phone so they can book in appointments while out with clients.

Microsoft Exchange Server enables email, contacts and calendars to be stored and managed centrally on a server making emailing faster and more efficient and brings many benefits.

Anywhere Access

Because data is held centrally companies that use Microsoft Exchange Server can allow their employees to access their email from anywhere in the world. Exchange Server runs from the Microsoft Outlook platform which makes it easy to manage email and contacts. Whether an employee is in the office or out on the road they will be able to access all their Outlook data. Home workers can be part of the office and view shared calendars from home as if they were in the office.

Mobile devices seamlessly integrate with Exchange Server, when an email is read on the mobile device it shows as read within Outlook on the computer. A colleague could book you in an appointment while there in the office and this can be automatically pushed out to your mobile device while you’re out onsite.

Increased Security

With email flowing in to the central server before it reaches mobile devices or computers, spam and viruses can be filtered out before infected attachments reach your computer. Exchange Server also works to ensure that emails remain confidential and are not compromised by outside sources. This enhanced security allows companies to feel confident that their email system is protected at all times and allows employees and customers to utilize the email system to its full potential.

Microsoft Exchange Server makes your email system easier to maintain, many built in administrative tasks are automated. Built in monitoring capabilities mean that problems can be detected before they start to disrupt your business by great amounts.

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Exchange Server and many businesses have found that this is a program that they cannot do without.

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