Every now and again many people decide to have a spring clean on their computer and clear out unwanted documents and data to free up more hard drive space. Some times it can be easier said than done finding out what exactly is taking up space on your hard drive – well help is at hand, there is a free tool called TreeSize which will tell you exactly what is taking up space on your hard drive.

The Free version of TreeSize (which can be downloaded here) shows a graphical view of what folders are using the most hard drive space. Simply right click on any folder that shows as being large and click on explore. This will open up the folder and show you the files and sub-folders contained within, you can then set about deleting any files and folders you don’t need.

Once finished remember to empty the recycle bin. I strongly recommend not to touch the Program Files and Windows folders, as these folders are used to store system files and deleting the wrong files in these folders could cause damage to Windows.

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