server2003As of July 15th 2015 support for Windows Server 2003 will cease to exist. Although many administrators are aware of this there is a worryingly large amount of users still relying on their servers around the globe which can result in a last minute migration and ultimately, many complications.  If you are currently using a Windows 2003 Server and are reluctant to upgrade or migrate, here is a short list of important reasons to do so:

  • Most hosting service providers will force you to migrate so they can keep up the support they promise in their SLA
  • You may encounter security problems, stability issues and inconsistancies in functionality if you migrate last minute
  • Your server can become more vulnerable as support will no longer be provided
  • The 2003 Server is almost 10 years old and is therefore much more susceptable to problems if you do not migrate
  • Increased down-time as a result of the above
  • Planning ahead and creating a plan for migration will reduce the risk of application errors and will give your support providers time to resolve any issues
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