When many businesses start-up, or an established businesses decide to deploy a new IT system they are often eager to get up and running as soon as possible and often over look planning for future expansion.

A successful new business can increase in size very quickly, requiring new members of staff, new software and hardware, and even new systems to manage, store, and work with business data. It’s during this expansion when the IT infrastructure will first be placed under the kind of stress it hasn’t yet experienced. A scalable system could be designed from the outset and built to deal with future expansion if it occurs.

An IT infrastructure that does not include the provisions for expansion will either require a major redesign or may need stating from scratch and completely replacing. Both of these outcomes will cost a business money and will cause valuable time to rectify. The new team members will have no IT access and existing team members will have to find a way to work around the problems that will quickly surface. When planning a new IT system it is always important to consider that your business is going to expand in one way or another and make adequate allowances for that expansion.

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