In the UK and worldwide, iPads are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the up and coming release of the iPad 3. Although they often appear geared towards something that you would use for personal use they do have many benefits within business. Here are some of the ways which an iPad can increase your business productivity:

  • Presentations – The iPad is fantastic for presenting, it’s easier to carry around than a laptop and can create stunning presentations. With the VGA or HDMI iPad adapter, users can run a presentation directly to a TV, projector or secondary monitor. Or, the device can be used as a one-on-one tool for guiding a client through a slide deck.
  • Meeting Notes – An iPad can be innovative way to create notes during a meeting and can make your notes much more organised; saving paper while keeping all your notes together in one place.
  • For Holidays & Days out of the office – The iPad is not really a laptop replacement, but is a great way to manage emails while out of the office and is much more portable than a laptop. Although mobiles such as the iPhone do a great job of email on the move they arn’t easy to reply to emails and open up attachments – however the iPad gives you the ability to view attachments properly like on a laptop. The iPad also carries the capability to hook into Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and standards-based messaging environments, which means you’ll be able to stay in touch even while you’re away.
  • More business-friendly apps – The iPad has hundreds of impressive apps to help businesses stay organized. Bento helps you manage projects, organize contacts and plan events from one simple database. You can create all kinds of charts with OmniGraffle.
  • Accepting and Processing Payments – An iPad can be used as a card processing terminal and often works out much cheaper than traditional card processing machines.
  • Appointments – Managing appointments on the iPad can make life so much easier. You can sync it with your computer so you have a record both at the office and out and about on the road.
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