Some applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel have the built in capability of setting a password t prevent access, however many applications don’t. There is a easy way within Windows that you can password protect files and folders with out using a specialist application. The zip functionality that is built in to windows allows you to both compress you files and folders while giving you the added ability of password protecting them.

To do so, right-click on the file or folder that you wish to password protect and select ‘Send to…’ From the sub-menu that pops up select ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’

This will create a zip file with the same name as the original file.

Right-click on this zip file and select ‘Explore’. This will open the file in a new window. From the ‘File’ menu select ‘Add a password’.

Then Type the password in twice and click OK. You then need to delete the original file and for added security you may want to empty you recycle bin.

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