It seems that everything on the computer requires a password these days. Be it online banking, online shops, social networking sites or email accounts.

Responsible PC users should already know that you should have a different password for each service in order to maintain maximum security. It is also important not to use memorable phrases or words that could easily be associated with you, such as your children’s names.

Remembering all these passwords is difficult and it’s too insecure to simply write them down in a book or store them in a spread sheet. This is where Kee Pass comes in. This program is a password management tool that remembers as many passwords and login details as necessary and stores them within an encrypted database on your computer. This database only requires one password and this is the only one that you have to remember.

Kee Pass is an excellent free program that will also generate passwords for you, so you don’t have to worry about thinking them up yourself. Kee Pass can be downloaded from their official website here.

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